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A Disneyland for the Senior Citizens

A haven of joy and comfort minus the thrill rides. Every corner of the community is carefully crafted keeping safety and serenity in mind.


Best Retirement Community Home

Paradise Gardens

Dotted with ponds, fountains, and trees, Preetham is a place filled with lush vegetation and greenery. Everywhere you turn inside our retirement community, you’d be treated to a sight of the soothing greenary. The outdoors are enhanced with carefully-picked artefacts from around the world to give a rustic vibe for the inhabitants.
Best Retirement Community Home
Whether you want to sip your morning tea, read the newspaper in the afternoon, or hang out with your new friends and stargaze at night, the gardens enhance the joy and transport you to a world disconnected from cosmopolitan life.

Place of Worship

We aren’t lying when we say every part of Preetham is a happy home for the aged. Every part of it – quite literally – every part of it, is designed to spread happiness among our senior residents. Even the deity in our temple too!
Meet “Santhosa Vinayagar” (Tamil for Happy Vinayak) the lord who removes obstacles, brings good luck and happiness to our residents. We perform puja’s everyday praying for the welfare of not just the inhabitants, but people around the world. If you’re a spiritual seeker, join us every day for the daily puja and share your secrets and happiness with your biggest well-wisher – the Lord himself.

Community Hall

Rejoice, relish, and refresh with the year-long festivities that take place in our community hall. The community hall brings the entire community together to take part and celebrate in festivities. Whether a resident has achieved a personal milestone with birthdays, celebrating the many years of union with their partner, or celebrating someone’s victory – the community hall presents the opportunity to share it with everyone else in the community.
Carry a box of popcorn and sit leisurely every weekend to watch your favorite flick! Join us in various spiritual discourses and satsangs to connect with God every week. And of course, sit and share your stories of the past with your new friends in the community and take a ride back in time!

Recreation Hall & Library

Humans bond through play and we’ve built a place just to begin your relationships in a new place. The recreation hall is your space to bring the fighting spirit within you. Challenge your friends or your partners to a game and invoke the spirit within you. From strategic games like Chess, to fun, family-friendly games like Monopoly, we’ve got it all.
The place is also peppered with magical keys to far away distant lands. Open the door to the halls of Hogwarts, watch the Pandavas fight against the Kauravas, and march with Gandhi to the coastal city of Dandi. With a collection of 1000+ fiction and non-fiction books, kindle your imagination by reading through some of the best works, sometimes sitting under the shades of lush coconut trees.

Dining and Kitchen

Our clean, centrally-located kitchen with modern equipment makes mouth-watering, finger-licking, healthy food. We know our residents would prioritize health over taste, but we combine them both and serve our food with 100% love and affection. When our residents sit for a meal – be it breakfast, lunch or dinner, it’s never just a meal – it’s a feast.
With a capacity to hold 100+ people at a time, the dining experience at Preetham is one-of-a-kind. The union of people to sit together and eat, sharing not just the love of the food, but the stories of the day and before, is a symbol unique to Preetham.

Medical Facility

We’ve trained our nursing staff like Florence Nightingale. They are on duty, anytime you need them. Just ring a bell, and the staff will be right at your door front ensuring you have the essential care to get back to the pink of your health. Nursing care isn’t just limited to medicinal support, but also includes psychological support to help you relax and feel better.
We have an in-house ambulance service to quickly get you to the hospital if the need arises. By having a strong partnership with various institutes like Pollachi Cardiac Care, Arathana Ortho Center Hospital, Arun Hospital, and other multi-specialty hospitals, we’ll ensure that you get the best care and support and enter back into the community free of all diseases.

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